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Monographs_Featured Publisher_Langham (1).png

More Langham Monographs are available in our collection! 
You can also read them ONLINE using the links that you will find on each of the photo captions.
See our previous post about Langham Monographs.

Monographs_Featured Publisher_Langham (1).png

Check out some of the Langham Monographs that are available in our collection!
You can also read them ONLINE using the links that you will find on each of the photo captions. You can always check our collection using our online catalog.

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Free and discounted books from Amazon Kindle! John Mac Arthur's book is free until December 6. James Finke's book is on sale to 92% off until Nov 24 only:
John Mac Arthur's free ebook

James Finke's discounted ebook

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Suggest or request books for our library to acquire! Kindly note that all suggested and requested books are subject to review by our subject experts to guarantee the quality of our collection. Also, the request of our faculty members will be our priority in purchasing books for the library.

Featured Publisher_Langham.png

We thought that you would want to know some of the publishers we trust and so we will feature some of them too! Today, let's get to know Langham Publishing! Langham is not just a publisher for IGSL Library but also one of the stakeholders that give us library grants regularly for more than a decade now! 


Part 1: Do you see words on the library's website or on your syllabi that confuse you? We understand that some research and library-related words are sometimes confusing. To help, we will have a series that will help you remember the words or terms that are commonly used in research, writing, and library use in general. 

_Highlights_Perlego -Add content (1).png

Did you know you can add external content to Perlego workspaces?

This means you can collect journals, reports, articles, slides, videos, and more, all in one simple space. Try it out now or watch the tutorial video to find out how to make the most of this new feature.


Part 3: Here's the third part of our research & writing vocabulary review series. It presents words or terms commonly used in research, writing, and library in general.

Visit our glossary for more.


Part 2: These terms are all available on our IGSL Library Glossary. It presents words, terms, or phrases related to research and writing, especially for IGSL students. You will also find examples as well as further readings related to the term being searched. Let us know if there are words or terms that you think should be added to our glossary.  

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New acquisition about world missions and intercultural studies-related books! You can borrow these books using our remote lending service or you can read some of them ONLINE using the links that you will find on each of the photo captions. 


We are what we eat - literally. What and how we eat affects how well we think, how good we feel, and our overall capacity to work and study! Check these slides for five healthy eating habits that will help you feel better while immersing yourselves to study. 

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We group together a couple of new books that were published not more than 5 years ago, talking about a list of subjects that we will be posting in the coming days, weeks, and even months! Today, here are some new books on our collection about Bible criticism and interpretation published from 2017 to 2021.

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Get access to our subscribed databases by visiting

Also, don't forget that aside from our subscribed databases, you will find links to open-access databases on our website too!

Copy of Book_missions.png

We recommend the following light and easy-to-read books that we thought may help you unwind and regenerate your energy during the academic break. Some of these (and a lot more books like these) are also available on our online databases. But if you want to go classic and read beside hard copy of these books, just reach us out.

Book_Child safety.png

Children are a gift from the Lord. Their care and protection are our God-given privilege and responsibility. In order to help us with this, we will be building our resources in order to better understand, care for, teach, and protect our children in the matters of Child Safety.

Studying in Cafe

It’s no secret that a sudden shift to online instruction may leave many students feeling overwhelmed about their academic success.  Learning from home has its challenges, but here are some tips and strategies that you can use to cope up.

It is our hope and prayer that no one will be left behind in the process of online learning.

Highlights_GDTL - research aids.png

Did you know that Global Digital Theological Library (GDTL) have and easy-to-access Reference collection? This collection contains Bible dictionaries & encyclopedias, commentaries, Old and New Testament scholarships and many more! Check these slides to learn more about GDTL's Research Aids!

ProQuest_Ebook Central (1).png

Award-winning user experience, 100% ASPIRE Gold score for accessibility in 2020, and is an SIIA CODiE finalist for Best Scholarly Research Information Solution. Provides access from thousands of publishers, including some notable names: Wiley, Zondervan, Harpercollins, Moody, Thomas Nelson, Baker and many more.

Access ProQuest here.

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