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Researh Papers

by IGSL Graduates


An Emic Study on Indigenous Values among Ivatans Fundamental to their Perception of Community Leadership (Thesis)

by Iole Ruth Fulangen De Sagon
Year: 2021

This study yielded a profile of an Ivatan community leader and was presented as values-based and practical traits. This profile surfaced the primary Ivatans values involved in choosing their community leaders which is the main objective of this study...


From Humiliation to Christ-like Humility: a Phenomenological-Theological of the Naga Experience of British Colonialism, American Western Christianity, and Indian Political Statehood (Dissertation)

by Villo Naleo
Year: 2020

Humiliation is as old as human civilization. It is part of the interaction between people from the beginning of human history when men were simple hunter-gatherers to the times of the slaves and underlings until the twenty-first century. This phenomenological study is an attempt to understand the meaning and experience of collective humiliation...

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Religious Freedom and State Power During a Pandemic: An Analysis of the Quarantine Regulations in the Philippines through Constitutional Jurisprudence
(Paper Presentation)

by Jochebed Dela Cruz
Year: 2021

A paper presentation at the 2021 Philippine Political Science International Conference. This paper argues, based on jurisprudence, that there are quarantine restrictions that unjustly restrict the proper exercise of religious freedom, together with its attendant rights, which is why a middle ground policy must be pursued...

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