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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What time does the library open?
    We are open from Monday-Friday, 7AM - 6PM.
  • How many books can I borrow at a time?
    10 Books **Reference books, thesis, and dissertations are for ROOM-USE only
  • How much is the fine if I return the book(s) late?
    Circulating Materials: P10.00 pesos per day, including weekends and holidays. Reserved Materials: P10.00 pesos per hour. Audio-visual Materials and Periodicals: P10.00 pesos per day, including weekends and holidays. Board games: P20.00 pesos per day, including weekends and holidays.
  • How can I get in touch with the library staff?
    You may connect with us through the following platforms: Messenger Email ( Website chat Telephone (+632) 82600041, 77171755, 89841217, 89841210
  • Can I eat inside the library?
    To avoid unwanted pests like ants, cockroaches, and mice, among others, eating any kind of food including candies and gums was prohibited inside the library.
  • Can I bring drinks inside the library?
    You can, but make sure that it is on a spill-proof container. So that if in case it accidentally tumbles, there will be no spilage of any liquid on the tables, especially on books. Any container that is not spill-proof would not be allowed inside the library.
  • Can I sleep inside the library?
    You can nap inside the library for a short while (but we will wake you up if you snore). You may also request a napping pillow so you can be more comportable on your seat. These pillows can be used for your back too while sitting in your favorite spot in the library.
  • Can I wear anything I want inside the library?
    To show respect to different people coming from different cultural backgrounds, please wear appropriate clothing whenever you enter the library. Please avoid wearing (1) caps/hats, (2) tank tops, (3) spaghetti straps, (4) tubes, (5) bareback clothings, (6) any kind of shorts, (7) skimpy skirts, (8) slippers, and (9) low-waist pants.
  • Aside from books, can I borrow any other things in the library?
    Yes. As of July 2024, the library has at least 30 different board games (or the like). You and your friends or ISG can use them outside the library for a day. The library also have an Art Corner, where you can just sit back and relax by means of coloring. Colored pencils and oil-pastels are available on the Art Corner which you can borrow inside the library (room-use only). Coloring templates of various kinds are free for use too. Kids are not allowed to use the Art Corner.
  • What are the available online resources the library offers?
    The library has subscribed to databases that prioritize IGSL degree students and faculty members. Access details are forwarded to them at the beginning of the school year. Nevertheless, IGSL Library compiled a list of quality open access resources that everyone can use anytime. You will find this list here:
  • How do I log in to the library databases and ebooks?
    Access details are sent to students at the beginning of the school year through email. If you haven't received it, you may send us a request here:
  • How can I create an account in Perlego?
    1. You should have received an email (like below) which includes a link to access your Perlego subscription. If you haven’t received an email, contact us. 2. Complete the sign up flow.. That's it! You can now start reading Perlego!
  • It says 'The email address you’ve entered already has an account' in Perlego, what should I do?
    Make sure you've received an email inviting you to access your Perlego subsription (like in the screenshot below). If you’re seeing a message that says you already have a subscription with Perlego, you’ll need to log into your Perlego account, cancel your subscription in your settings and delete your account. Once deleted, you can return to the invitation link provided by the library and complete your new subscription.
  • Can I download the resources on our online resources databases?
    Some books from our databases can be downloaded. In Perlego, books can be downloaded using the Perlego App. It can be read even without internet. But it will expire after the due date. In ProQuest, books can also be downloaded using the Adobe Digital Editions. Access to these downloaded books will also expire after the due date. But many books on ProQuest can be downloaded per chapter. Chapter downloads will be on PDF format and will not expire (perpetual copy).
  • How do I search for a book in the library?
    To search for books and other items in the library, you'll need to use our library catalog. Click Library Catalog on the menu tab or go to this link:
  • How can I borrow books?
    1. Carry out a library search. You can browse the Library Catalog by visiting this link: or click 'Library Catalog' on the menu tab. Make a note of the title, author and call number. Call numbers tell you exactly where the item will be located on the shelves. 2. Locate on the shelves. The library adopts the “open shelf” system, so you can go directly to the shelf and choose the books you would like to browse or use. 3. Borrow the book Take the book to the loan desk with your school ID. Make a note of the book's return date which can be located on the back of the book.
  • How can I return books?
    Books can be returned in the drop box/book bin or directly to the librarian. Do not put on the Book truck or just leave them anywhere in the library. Reserved materials should be returned directly to the librarian to avoid penalty.​
  • How do I renew a book?
    In-person: You may bring the book to the Loan Desk to renew or extend your books. or Contact us Facebook's Messenger: Email: Webchat
  • Can I borrow books without presenting my I.D?
    No. Your I.D. acts as your library card. Please always wear your I.D. while inside the library. Kindly present them whenever you want to borrow any books from the library.
  • Can someone borrow the books for me?
    Yes, as long as you reach us out through our official channels to let us know that someone will be borrowing books for you. You can also avail of our Click-and-Collect service if you are living out of campus.
  • Can I ask someone to return the books I borrowed for me?
    Yes, you can.
  • Can I borrow a book using someone's I.D.?
    No, only with the presence of one's I.D. can the books be borrowed.
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