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Services Available On-site

Use of Library Amenities (Library Space and Equipment)

  • Printing services

  • Use of research/conference room (PETRA)

  • Use of computers. 

  • Tables and carrels for studying.

Reference and Information Services

  • ​Conducting physical library instruction sessions (e.g. physical library orientation)

  • Conducting regular face-to-face reference services

  • Library tour (for new students, faculty members, and visitors

  • Tables and carrels for studying.

  • Inter-library loan

Circulation and User Service

Book Lending and Returning

(Subject to the official memo that will be released by the Crisis Management Team and LDHR about people accessing IGSL. If the memo forbids outsiders/visitors to enter IGSL, or contains directives to forbid using the library physically, this service will be suspended.)

Borrowing Books

Returning Books

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