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Services Available On-site

Use of Library Amenities (Library Space and Equipment)

  • Printing services

  • Use of research/conference room (PETRA)

  • Use of computers. 

  • Tables and carrels for studying.

  • Use of the library's Art Corner.

  • Use of study/napping pillows.

  • Use of board games.

Reference and Information Services

  • ​Conducting physical library instruction sessions (e.g. physical library orientation).

  • Conducting regular face-to-face reference services.

  • Library tour (for new students, faculty members, and visitors).

  • Tables and carrels for studying.

  • Inter-library loan.

Circulation and User Service

Book Lending and Returning

The circulation service is the department in a library that handles the lending and borrowing of library materials. This includes:

  • Checking out materials (books and other library materials) to library users 

  • Renewing borrowed materials if no one else has requested them

  • Taking returned materials and checking them back in

  • Collecting fines for overdue or damaged materials

  • Maintaining the library's catalog of materials and keeping track of what's on loan

Borrowing Books

Returning Books

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