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In joining this month-long celebration, we gathered some of...

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You may grab a printed copy at the library or view it online here.


Here are a few tips to writing notes that accelerate your learning.

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We received 300 high-quality, newly published books from TBN...


New Books: February 2023

You can borrow these books from our library or you can read some...

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Specify your info searches to find just the right information you need. 

Book_Peace Studies (500 × 333px) (13.229 × 8.811cm) (1200 × 628px) (1600 × 1200px).png

Some new books arrived about Peace Studies. Check them out!

Study hacks_10 Best Google Drive tips and tricks .png

Study Hacks: Google Drive tips and tricks

Find out some useful tips and be amazed what it can do for you.

Highlights_terms series.png

A series that will help you remember terms that are used in research...

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Increase your productivity by using these Google products guide.


The world we live in is a beautiful world. But why are there negative...

Highlights_Destiny Discover (1600 × 1200px).png

Find out the latest books added to the library; popular titles; ebooks...


We received 300 high-quality, newly published books from TBN...

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