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Protocols for the

New Normal

In an attempt to return a sense of normalcy to IGSL’s academic life, with great consideration to health and safety measures that protect our staff and our community, and after considering the guidelines set by the school administration and suggestions by the leading organizations related to Covid-19 and library services, these specific restrictions will be put in place:


Sanitation and Disinfection

  • Library visitors are expected to strictly follow the IGSL Protocol regarding people who enter IGSL from the outside 

  • Visitors are required to wear either face masks or face shields inside the library at all times.

  • Mandatory wearing of face shields for staff.

  • Sanitizing hands with alcohol-based sanitizer upon entry and exit in the library.

  • Regular sanitation schedule for fifteen (15) minutes every hour will be applied.

  • Placing a floor mat or foot bath with disinfectant at the entrance.

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